Pension Plan for Self Employed & Sole Traders

If you don’t have a pension you are paying more tax than you need to. Have you even thought about when you are going to retire? How much will you need when you do retire? 

We know how much the state will give you and we make sure that your pension will make up the difference between state and your present income. And we how to do this and save you tax!

As a self-employed individual you  qualify for two different types of pensions. 

  1. Personal Pension Plans are available to an individual who is in non-pensionable employment or does not have access to an employer's pension plan. 

  2. An Executive Pension is available to the owners of their own limited company or as employee of a limited company.

These rates are for the self employed and non pensionable employees. Applies to personal pensions and PRSA's. Please note these rates do not apply to Company directors


Up to 29 years

15% of net relevant earnings*

30 to 39 years

20% of net relevant earnings*

40 to 49 years

25% of net relevant earnings*

50 to 54 years

30% of net relevant earnings*

55 to 59 years

35% of net relevant earnings*

60 years plus

40%** of net relevant earnings*

*. This will be reducing to €150,000 for the tax year 2009
** The 30% limit applies, regardless of age, to certain categories of person that typically retire earlier than usual, such as athletes, jockeys, etc.



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